Rudolf could be set for retirement as Santa goes green. 

Santa’s traditional mode of transport could be doing much more harm to the environment than the big-screen TV he stuffed down your chimney this year.

Those crazy cats over at Ethical Ocean have calculated Santa’s carbon footprint, and it’s not good news. Reindeer farts, it seems, could be doing more damage to the environment than your standard gas guzzler as Santa takes a methane-powered ride around the globe.

Tundra reindeer grow to an imposing seven feet and typically weigh in excess of 400 pounds. Santa’s crew would emit 40,668 metric tons of carbon dioxide during their 122 mile Christmas Eve round trip. According to Ethical Ocean, methane produced by reindeer is 21 times more potent than carbon dioxide as a greenhouse gas.

Looks like Santa will soon be driving a Prius.

Check out the infographic here.

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