The ROK Espresso Maker goes back to the future with this sleek manual coffee machine. 

If your current home coffee machine is loud enough to wake your neighbours and send your dog into a panicked tail spin, then it’s time to toss the shuddering, hissing old girl and replace it with the whisper quiet non-electric ROK.

Sure, it looks like a scupltural art piece but it’s not just a pretty face. Simply press your preferred coffee grind into the filter, pour in boiling water and squeeze the arms down for a rich double espresso with a thick crema that would make a barista blush.

And thanks to its powerpoint-free operation, ROK makes a valuable camping companion to fuel your adventures with cafe-worthy coffee anywhere in the great outdoors.

ROK Espresso Maker, £107.50



Rudolf could be set for retirement as Santa goes green. 

Santa’s traditional mode of transport could be doing much more harm to the environment than the big-screen TV he stuffed down your chimney this year.

Those crazy cats over at Ethical Ocean have calculated Santa’s carbon footprint, and it’s not good news. Reindeer farts, it seems, could be doing more damage to the environment than your standard gas guzzler as Santa takes a methane-powered ride around the globe.

Tundra reindeer grow to an imposing seven feet and typically weigh in excess of 400 pounds. Santa’s crew would emit 40,668 metric tons of carbon dioxide during their 122 mile Christmas Eve round trip. According to Ethical Ocean, methane produced by reindeer is 21 times more potent than carbon dioxide as a greenhouse gas.

Looks like Santa will soon be driving a Prius.

Check out the infographic here.


The Hobbit opens to huge Boxing Day crowds in Australia. 

Director Peter Jackson will be smiling a mile wide today as news breaks that his The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug took in $4.9 million as Boxing Day crowds swarmed to the hotly anticipated fantasy flick.

Those figures give the movie the rarified status as the second-largest Boxing Day opener in Australian history and position it for a good run at the record books as it approaches almost $450 million worldwide.

The Lord of the Rings prequel presents a maturing Bilbo Baggins (Martin Freeman) as he tosses aside a colony of giant spiders on his quest to defeat the dragon that terrorises his people and reclaim his homeland — along with the riches buried there in. Of course, Gandalf the Grey (Ian McKellen) and his loyal band of dwarves are on hand to steady the ship.




Bloom Room’s stunning modern design takes pet furniture to a whole new level.

French design house Bloom Room has been capturing attention around the world for its stunning furniture design, and now the master designers are set to make stylish animal lovers very happy with its new range of contemporary pet furniture.

Debuted at Milan Design Week, the Chimère Modern Pet Line by Bloom Room brings together wood, wool and metal for a clean but comfortable design and includes five pieces that are more art installation than pet lodgings.

Pictured is the sleek dog house, covered cat litter box, and the striking bird cage on rocking-chair legs with the modern molded aquarium.

Chimère Modern Pet Line by Bloom Room, $TBA


The Stealth Bomber electric bike is the ultimate big boys’ toy.

Here’s to Stealth Electric Bikes for not only spurning a lightning-fast – and reliable — electric bike, but also for bringing masculine, aggressive styling to an eco-friendly machine.

The Stealth Bomber is a triumph of form and function. The aircraft-certified alloy frame looks like it escaped from a top-secret Air Force research facility, and the 4.5kW direct-drive motor will keep you on the run at speeds up to 50mph.

Simply turn a dial to adjust the heavy-duty front suspension for an off-road session, and the Duro Razorback tires can certainly take a beating. Battery charge time is two hours via any standard household outlet.

Stealth Bomber, $10,000+


Time is of the essence with Nooka Lab’s striking ZEX around your wrist.

Those wonderful designers at New York-based Nooka Lab have been blowing our minds for years, but they’ve out done themselves with the stunning new ZEX wrist watch.

The hexagonal face set within a round stainless steel and mineral crystal case beautifully sets off Nooka’s striking analogue dot face. And paired with a classic Italian leather band, you can’t go wrong.

Choose from silver, gold and black models. Just don’t ask us how to actually tell the time.

Nooka Lab ZEX, $325



Historic architecture meets contemporary cool at Sydney’s hottest new hotel.

Sydney’s first new-build hotel in more than a decade has opened its doors on the city’s central George Street strip. QT Sydney brings bold interior design to the city’s historic Gowings and State Theatre buildings in a stunning juxtaposition of cutting-edge art and iconic art deco and gothic architecture.

Rooms retain original timber floors and employ an eclectic mix of unique artifacts, bespoke furniture, custom-designed rugs and daring use of colour and art to bring a contemporary, quirky cool to the 200 guest rooms. Creature comforts such as luxurious beddings, high-speed internet, walk-in showers and over-sized soaking tubs in most guests suites complete the picture.

The property is also set to become an after-hours hot spot with on-site Gowings Bar & Grill serving up an innovative but unpretentious dining experience and Gilt Lounge catering to Sydney’s late-night cocktail crowd. The hotel’s serene SpaQ is the ultimate morning-after recovery plan and features a retro-style barber shop which offers traditional cut-throat shaves that were all the rage in the building’s original heyday.

QT Sydney